Port Wander

The last bastion of civilization before the expanse, Port Wander is an imperial spacedock lying just coreward of The Maw, the treacherous passage between the Calixis Sector and the Expanse. It is the last stop in proper imperial space before entering the dangerous, barely explored reaches beyond.

While still fraught with crime and disreputable characters, Port Wander is a bastion of imperial order. One of the only locations with direct access to the rest of imperial space, the port’s markets and traders are one of the few places in the expanse where goods common to the rest of the Imperium can be found, and the Arbitrators ensure that any threat to the station’s actual safety among the workers and merchants is dealt with quickly. This, of course, means that they are quick to dismiss the actions of noble’s and merchants fighting each other, and the deaths caused therein, so long as they clear it up without causing any structural damage.

Port Wander is also the primary staging point for Imperial Navy Fleet Group Passage Watch 27 .EST, colloquially known as Battlefleet Koronus. The omnipresent forms of the navy ship’s massive hulls and guns ensures that the port is safe from attack, and keeps any pirate or rogue trader from becoming too daring in their dealings aboard the port.

Port Wander Characters

Preicept Marshal Valkyran
Journ the Master Astranomical Cartographer

Port Wander

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