Rogue Trader: The Dark Project

Session 02: A Comfortable Journey

sleep and drugs are good for pirates.

After a short delay caused by a particularly turbulent warp storm, the Provocateur plunged ably into the Maw, making for the Koronus expanse. While on a routine position checking stop at The Battleground, a known landmark common for such stops, the ship’s sensor’s picked up a distress signal.
With bold audacity, Lady Captain Viteri ordered that it be investigated at flank speed, and soon it was revealed to be a pilgrim ship, The Penitent Traveler. Further investigation revealed the ship’s Engines had been damaged, along with its communication arrays, and the Provocateur moved to assist them.
However, as the ship approached, a small unknown object emerged from the debris fields, speeding towards her at torpedo like speeds. After a failure to respond to hails, the ship’s turrets were powered up just in time to shoot down the bogey. But even as the dust cleared, two more signatures appeared on the auger screens, cruising towards the Explorers. A pair of raider vessels, pirates in a wolfpack. It was a trap!
Absorbing the first salvo of fire, the Provocateur sped towards both assailants, the two parties passing each other in the silence at great speeds. After an unsuccessful negotiation attempt, firing commenced, and a lucky hit knocked out the shield generator of one of the raiders. Reacting quickly, the nimble Provocateur was able to swing its prow about in an arc that would have sheared a larger vessel in half, and followed the undefended enemy, pounding it with lance and macrobattery, and running a series of devastating teleportarium assisted hit and run raids for nearly an hour as the second pirate attempted to reposition itself. The first enemy crippled and bleeding fuel and atmosphere, the Rogue Trader swung about with adroit nimbleness, and engaged in ahead to head gun duel with the second ship. Though suffering damage to the hull and crew, the Viteri Dynasty came out on top, crippling the pirate’s maneuvering thrusters, and causing them to charge past the Provocateur at flank speed, vanishing into the debris fields before a proper chase could be given. With one target out of sight, the Explorers turned their attention to the remaining pirate, crippled and limping away. Closing quickly with the prey, the crew boarded the maimed vessel, and overwhelmed the shattered crew.
With the crew surrendered, and only the locked down bridge remaining, the explorers can only dream of what exciting adventures they can compliment with this ravaged hulk of a raider, and several thousand eternally grateful pilgrims.



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