The Viteri Dynasty

The Viteri Dynasty is a relatively young Rogue Trader house, its warrant of trade having been granted a mere four generations ago with the discovery of an ancient privateer during an Mechanicus exploratory mission. Its name remains relatively unknown on in the ears of the people of the expanse, but that will soon change. The Dynasty has recently fallen on some hard times, but it is primed to spring back with a new expedition into the Koronus Expanse.

It’s previous Warrant Holder was Peripherus Viteri. His passing marked the handing down of the rod of command to Caelia.

His grandfather, Karlon, apparently led some sort of fleet. Records on this are iffy.



Other Ships


Caelia Viteri
Zool Viteri
Tristan Vorgen
Agni Linus
Echo Kerghan

Enginseer Explorator Sicarus Secundus
Helmsman Kira Vyn
Navigator Tellia Aleene

Orbest Drey

The Viteri Dynasty

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