Space Combat Cheat Sheet

Rogue Trader Space Combat Cheat Sheet

In combat, a ship is able to take one maneuver action, and one shooting action. The maneuver action must begin with either a half speed move, or a full speed move, though this can be altered through orders. Additional extended actions may be performed by crew members who are not the gunner or helmsman.


Every weapon component may fire once. They can fire separately, or concentrate fire on one target within the firing weapons arcs. If that is done, you can combine the rolls into a single roll which does more damage, at the cost of the extra chance to hit.

Maneuver Actions

Adjust bearing: +0 maneuver test, for every degree of success can turn one space less than speed value, then finish move.

Adjust Speed: +0 maneuver test, for every degree of success increase or decrease movement by a point. Cannot move in reverse, cannot double speed value.

Come to New Heading: -20 maneuver test, for every one degree of success functions as above two at the same time.

Disengage: can only perform if at least 8 VUs away from an enemy. +0 maneuver test, opposed to +0 detection test by all foes within 20 VUs. If successful, ship leaves combat, and cannot rejoin except in special circumstances.

Evasive Maneuvers: -10 maneuver test. For every degree of success, enemies suffer -10 penalty to BS tests to hit. Evading ship suffers same penalties to shooting.

Extended Actions

Active Augery: Use detection and scrutiny to scan the area. Not stealthy.
Aid the Machine Spirit: Use tech use to give a bonus to detection or maneuverability.
Disinformation: Use deceive or blather to lie to the crew and raise morale.
Emergency Repairs: Use tech use to repair components suffering from a fight.
Flank Speed: Use tech use to gain extra speed at the risk of damaging the engines.
Focused Augury: Use detection to scan a target in great detail.
Hail the Enemy: Use your winning personality to talk to people over the vox.
Hit and Run: Use command to lead a quick boarding raid to damage systems aboard an enemy.
Hold Fast: Use willpower to brace the crew for incoming fire.
Jam Communications: Use tech use to jam the target’s vox signals.
Lock on Target: Use detection to boost one weapon’s BS tests.
Prepare to Repel Boarders: Use command to rally the crew against a boarding action.
Put your Backs Into It: Use intimidate or Charm to give a bonus to BS,repairs, or firefighting.
Triage: Use medicae to reduce crew population damage by organizing triage.

Space Combat Cheat Sheet

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