Hadarak Fel (Deceased)

A somewhat foppish rogue trader captain of dastardly tendencies.


The now dead known warrant holder of the Fel Dynasty, and captain of the destroyed frigat Fell Hand. After a series of not to friendly encounters with the Viteri dynasty, involving several attempts to steal a map to Magoros, the explorers’ relationship with him ended finally after he confronted the Provocateur over the wreckage of the Righteous Path treasure ship n the asteroid field of that lonely system. After a fast but brutal engagement, the Provocateur managed to lower the Hand’s shields, and damage her thrusters, disallowing the larger frigate from escaping the thousands of tons of ordnance that the Viteri’s vindictive Arch Militant poored into the hull. After a short boarding action, Fel surrendered, only to be executed by Arch-Militant Linus, to the shrugging responses of the rest of the crew. Fel’s savaged ship was salvaged for what supplies could be found, and launched into the flickering star of Magoros.


Hadarak Fel (Deceased)

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