GalacDick SpaceFucker

Professional shootboy


Arch Militant
Build: Lanky, 1.80 meters, 60 kg
Age: 25
Skin: Covered in tattoos of tentacled creatures and crustaceans.
Hair: Black, slicked back at all times
Eyes: Brown
Quirks: Bullet wound scarring from upper right cheek to right ear. Sometimes seen with an unlit pipe in mouth.
Hive Worlder
Renegade: Free Thinker

13 Wounds
4 Fatepoints
2900 Exp
6 Insanity
1 Corruption

WS: 34
BS: 65***
S: 33
T: 31
Agi: 49*
Int: 42
Per: 40
WP: 29
Fel: 33

Accustomed to Crowds
Caves of Steel
Inured to Adversity
Echo of hard times
Weapon Mastery: Las

Light Sleeper
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training(Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Sound Constitution
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Rapid Reload
Leap Up

Speak Language(Hive Dialect)
Common Lore (War) (Int)
Dodge+10 (Ag)
Intimidate (S)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Military) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int).
Common Lore(Imperial Guard)(Int)
Silent Move(Ag)



Hellgun(good craftsmanship)
Range:110m RoF:S/3/- Damage:1d10+6 Pen:7 Clip:30 Special: Red Dot Sight, 6kg, 10 for power pack

Pump Action shotgun
Range:30m RoF:S/-/- Damage:1d10+4 Pen:0 Clip:8 Special: Scatter, 5 kg

Takara Palantine Compact Laspistol
Range:20m RoF:S/3/- Damage:1d10+4/5/6 Pen:0/1 Clip:20 Special:Reliable, 1.1 kg

Belasco Series S Venom Compact Laspistol
Range:10m RoF:S/-/- Damage:1d10+3 Pen:0 Clip:15 Special: Tiny, 0.5 kg

Bolt Pistol
Range:30 RoF: S/2/- Damage:1d10+5 Pen:4 Clip:8 Special:Tearing, 3.5 kg

Encarmine Autopistol
Range:20m RoF:S/3/8 Damage:1d10+1 Pen:1 Clip:24 Special:Expander Rounds, Silencer, 2kg

Khayer-Adden Fatebringer Long Pistol
Range: 40m, RoF: S/-/-, Damage:1d10+6/4, Pen: 2/3, Clip:5. Rld: 2 full, Special: Accurate, Reliable, Expander and bleeder rounds(only work on organic targets), 1.6 kg

hunting rifle
Basic, 150m, S / – / -, 1d10+3, Pen 5, Rld Full, Accurate, 5kg

Mono Dagger

Enforcer Light Carapace (5 All Locations, 9 total)
Armored Body Glove (3 Body, Legs, Arms)

Void Suit


Born the son of a nice guy who ran a mediocre establishment. I wasn’t really wanting for money, until I started getting robbed a lot in my adolescence. I learned quickly that fighting with my fists wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I joined gangs in hopes of getting access to some guns. Not knowing the mechanics of gang rivalries, or the existence thereof, I just joined as many as possible at an entry level to get as many guns as possible. Being of decent intelligence and (at the time)communication skills, I worked my way to the point where they gave me guns to do whatever goon work they needed done. Upon my first encounter with a rival gang I was involved with, I immediately shot down the goons I was with and convinced my comrades that I was just working behind enemy lines. This became a trend as I moved up. I killed anyone that questioned me without a second thought. That kind of brutality got me respect and I ended up at the top of a weaker gang. At that point my name started getting dropped and other gangs were catching up. I arranged a few orders and got myself some much higher quality weapons than what I was used to. Through the few years moving up through gangs I’d shut out most human relationships in favor of training to battle. I had everyone within my power arranged to meet in the center of operations for the gang I had full control over. This included members of the three most powerful gangs. After the bloody battle that ensued I picked off the survivors as they tried to leave the building. Then I killed everyone that knew my real name and left.

I took the money to a different hiveworld and started living large. Married into a noble family, taking the hand of the girl they couldn’t marry off. Realized how much of a shitty choice that was when I had to constantly talk to nobles and interact with people. Luckily I did all of that under a fake name so, as soon as I could arrange, I ditched her and her snobby family and joined the imperial guard.

The guard was good times. We didn’t see much action for the most part. We got steady pay and access to decent weaponry though. And all the time in the world to practice. I spent most of my time trying to line up better and better shots. During my stay on a forgeworld with my unit, some sort of void shenanigans went down and there was a zombie apocalypse involving a demon host. I survived by using my unit as human shields and scavenging. I killed a few hundred zombies and a handful of other survivors in the week I had to survive alone. It all ended in a rather anticlimactic fashion as far as I know. When I found out a fleet was coming back from a fellow survivor, we plotted to infiltrate the offices of the government and disguise ourselves as high ranking officials. We sent out a signal and were promptly rescued. I hear the imperium fixed everything. Sounded okay to me. I killed everyone looking into my background and started doing mercenary work. I still use a few of the guns of my dead unit. I live for the thrill of being a gun for hire and taking perfect shots.

GalacDick SpaceFucker

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