Echo Kerghan

A hulking mutant with scales and feathers that show the mark of chaos.


Death worlder
Stub jack
Tainted: mutant
The hand of war: The ashes of war

WS 45 BS 37 S 71(14) T 61 Ag 50 Int 34 Per 36 WP 32 Fel 22

Awareness basic, Barter basic, Carouse basic, Charm basic, Climb basic, Command basic, Common lore(War) trained, Concealment basic, Contortionist basic, Deceive basic, Disguise basic, Dodge trained, Evaluate basic, Gamble basic, Inquiry basic, Intimidate +10, Literacy trained, Logic basic, Scholasic lore (tactica imperalus) trained, Scrutiny basic, Search basic, Secret tongue (military) trained, Silent movement basic, Speak language (low gothic) trained, Survival trained, Swim basic, Tracking trained, Wrangling trained.

Wounds 21
Fate points 2
Insanity points 9
Corruption points 4
Armor 5np+2p (all)

Half move: 6
Full move: 12
Charge: 18
Run: 36

Natural Armour (2), Fear (1), Hulking size, Unnatural Strength (x2), Regeneration (1), -10 Interaction skill (formal), 10 resist pinning and shock, Weapon master (spears), Pride (3 Toughness).

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Universal), Thrown Weapon Training (Universal), Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Leap up, Hatred (Chaos worshipers), Quick draw, Ambidextrous, Sound Constitution(s) (x1), Two-Weapon Wielder (ballistic), True Grit.

exp 3800

-rank 1
tainted 200, simple strength 100, Ambidextrous 200, Guardian 500, Literacy 100, Intermediate Strength 250, Trained Strength 500, Simple Agility 100.
-rank 2
Intermediate Agility 250, Dodge 100, Wrangling 300, Tracking 200, Two-Weapon Wielder (ballistic) 200, True Grit 200, Crushing Blow 500,

Ravaged body (tough hide, necrophage, hideous strength, vile deformity, hulking)

Good heavy mono spear(wt: 90+ kg?), Void suit (wt: 8+ kg)‘, Enforcer light carapace armor (wt: 60 kg)’, manacles, Tarp (wt: 15 kg), monkey suit, vibe spears, Power fist
’note: will be heavier due to size modifications.


Height: 3 m
Weight: ~900 kg
Age: late 20s to late 30s

Height: 1.4 m to 1.7 m
Weight: 45 kg to 70 kg
Age: early to mid teens

Lived a standard life for a death worlder; a life filled with fighting for one’s life against monstrous wild life, the forces of nature, and other people fighting to survive. Mid-teens, his convoy got into a conflict with chaos cultist and was scattered; most dead, some mutated, none confirmed that were unmolested. Survived alone for years before being captured. Life is much calmer and pleasant now, thanks belong to captain.

-Can’t own anything you can’t hold.
-Better to abandon what you don’t need if it may cause harm to you.
-Food attracts thieves, be careful or you might get killed.

-Make life better for allies. Make himself valuable to them so he can keep having a good life.
-Make self more likable to make life better for himself.

Echo Kerghan

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